New Orleans, LA

Saturday, to Friday, November 18th at 11:59 p.m.

Four weeks of art interspersed among advertising at Pontchartrain Expressway, east bound, just after South Claiborne Avenue.

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Sunday Nov 5, 2011: Meet the Artists Reception

In the Home Depot Parking Lot - not far from the billboard 1100 S. Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, LA. Details on facebook.

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New Orleans, LA Participating Artists:

Aaron Raymer – New York, NY

Raymer was born in Louisville, KY and currently lives and works in NYC. He received a BFA from University of Louisville and an MFA from New York University.

A multi-disciplinary approach to art making allows him to draw on diverse experiences and manifest them in various ways. Typically using common, everyday, and overlooked materials, he manipulates them to give them a new context to be considered by.

Raymer has shown in the US, most recently in a two-person exhibition entitled "Next to Nowhere" at Kate Werble Gallery in NYC and "It's all in the Peripherals" at Gallery M in Louisville, KY. He has also been included in the group exhibition "A Silence" at Sala de Arte Moneda in Santiago , Chile.

Amy Guidry – Lafayette, LA

Amy Guidry (b. 1976, Jacksonville, NC) is an artist residing in Lafayette, Louisiana. She received her BA from Loyola University New Orleans in 1998. She was awarded the Loyola University Art Scholarship, which is only awarded to one student per graduating class.

Guidry has exhibited in galleries and museums nationwide, including the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Brandeis University, and the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Her work is present in collections including the Alexandria Museum of Art, the Zigler Art Museum, the Schepis Museum, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Guidry’s paintings have been featured in publications such as American Artist Magazine and Adbusters. Her work has also been featured on MTV’s Real World, Season 20: Hollywood.

Andrea Lantz – Richmond, VA

Andrea Lantz is based in Richmond , Virginia where she pursues art as a means to rebalance the right side of her brain after long days of left brained labor in the corporate world.

She primarily enjoys painting and photography, with occasional detours into sculpture. Andrea studied watercolor painting with Shelly Bechtel-Shepherd and has exhibited in group shows in the Richmond area. She uses photography as a creative outlet while on business trips where painting is impractical.

Andrea’s prior forays into public art include a fish sculpture in Richmond, Virginia ’s “Go Fish” public art exhibition in 2001 and four dinosaur sculptures in Wilmington, Delaware ’s “Downtown Dino Days” in 2002 and 2003. One of her dinosaurs is in the collection of the Delaware History Museum.

Andy Mercer – Lancaster, UK

I have a number of non-art-related business interests. I have always had a parallel interest in art. I have exhibited regularly and held one and two man shows.

July 2009 Official exhibiting artist at Grassington Arts Festival in North Yorkshire. April 2010 Solo exhibition at BBC Lancashire Studios. May 2011 Forbo: Art on Floors, Clerkenwell Design Week

In the mid 1990's, after exhibiting at Lancaster City Museum, I was invited to join the group of artists who brought the Storey Gallery, Lancaster back into regular use. I subsequently became Chair of this artist group and pushed through the transition from voluntary group to Limited Company with charitable status. The gallery has recently completed a major refurbishment and has become a central part of the Storey Creative Industries Centre.

I have had a number of images published. My work is included in the and canvas art collection. In 2007 I started to incorporate digital processes into my art. These have now become an important part of my creative process.

As a mature student I have qualified up to degree level in ICT and regularly undertake new ICT and Digital Art related courses. I also have a long standing interest in the internet. I regularly sell my work around the world via the Internet. My work has been featured on most of the well known art websites.

Angela Berry – New Orleans, LA

Angela Berry is a photographic and mixed media artist who currently lives and works in New Orleans, LA. She graduated with honors from The University of the South where she studied photography.

In July of 2010 she became a founding member of T-LOT, a new studio and project space for emerging artists in the St. Claude Arts District of New Orleans.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries across the city - primarily at Coup d’oeil Art Consortium, but also at Antenna Gallery, Big Top Gallery, and Homespace Gallery. Most recently she was chosen among thirty-four artists from a database including over four-hundred artists profiles, to show in NOLA NOW, Part I at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans.

Anna Jane McIntyre – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Anna Jane McIntyre is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in drawing. She has a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto and an MFA in studio arts from Concordia University, Montréal.

McIntyre's love of the nighttime spectacle, cheap glamour, the complexity of being human, lights and action has resulted in an obsession with the circus arts. Her work explores animism, ritual, the invisible, the imagined, the agreed upon, balance and the powerful allure of the asymmetrical.

Her work has been published by House of Anansi Press, Walrus magazine, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Broken Pencil, as well as in her own zines and postcard series. She lives and works in Montréal.,

Bedonna Wakeman – New Orleans, LA

Bedonna Wakeman is a local New Orleans Artist. In 1979 Bedonna Wakeman moved to Europe and continued work in Spain, Germany, France and England. Returning to New Orleans in 2001, she shows her acrylic on canvas minimalist-impressionist paintings in the French Quarter where she ‘keeps her fingers to the pulse of city’ as one of the famous Pirate Alley Artists.

Bedonna has shown her paintings nationally and internationally. Her highlights have been:

African Museum of Art in New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival

Pickford Theatre-Library of Congress Washington D.C. as a representative for all New Orleans Artist

House Artist for the Spotted Cat Music Club, N.O.LA.

Brenda Kofford – Wheatland, WY

My parents were living in a lumber town nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when I entered the world as a "second born" and embarked on a life journey as a daughter, sister, mother, niece, and grandmother. Photography has served two purposes within my life: 1) validation of one's life and of the emotional connections between people and 2) a visual means to communication beyond the limitations of words. This is especially meaningful as my parents were deaf.

Within all of us there are powerful emotions hidden in our souls that remain voiceless and silent until they are conveyed through imagery and symbols. It is through creative endeavors that a woman may be able to give "voice" to that which words cannot convey.

Brian Nogues – Miami, FL

Brian Nogues was born and raised in Miami , Florida . He received his BFA in Digital Media, with a minor in Art History, from the University of Florida in 2008. In 2010, he was awarded his MFA in visual arts from Clemson University in South Carolina.

His work is not defined by a particular medium, but is most often photographic in nature and combines technical ability with conceptual rigor. Brian's interests range from critical theory to the most trivial aspects of popular culture, creating a common point of intersection in his work. He currently resides, works, and teaches in South Florida.

Britney Anne Majure – Berlin, Germany

Born: Ocean Springs, Mississippi 1980

BA Print Journalism Major, Fine Art Photography Minor, Louisiana State University, 2002

Currently lives and works in the US, Germany and Norway, freelancing as a photojournalist and private investigator.

Britney Anne is a native of Mississippi but now identifies herself with many lands, having spent significant time shooting and working on three different continents. Her photographic interests are found mainly in the realms of portrait and documentary: whether it be in dark bathrooms in Brooklyn or in the skies of Norway, she seeks out what hides in shadows and insignificant patches of light.

Majure has worked for Der Tagesspiegel (Germany), Zitty (Berlin), Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany), FOCUS Magazine (Germany), Arte TV, SIPA Press, International Center of Photography (ICP), New York Post, Aftenposten (Oslo), Duggal Photo (NYC), BILLEDKUNST art magazine (Oslo), Punkt Ø / Momentum Biennale (Moss/Østfold), Art Forum, Le Temps (Geneva), Stuttgarter Zeitung, ZEIT and others. She has over seven years experience in photo reportage and research related fields. Majure has lived and worked in Berlin, New York City, Bangkok, and throughout the American South and Caribbean.

All work is shot on analogue or digital 35mm or medium-format, with no digital manipulation.

Majure is currently available for assignments in Norway, Berlin and the US.

Carol Hallock – Lacombe , LA

Oil painting artist Carol Hallock lives in a home on stilts on Bayou Lacombe in Louisiana. She often paints the surrounding bayou and marsh from her kayak. "Geraldine," the egret, is often a favorite subject.

She has received many awards in recognition of her work, including magazine covers and features and numerous newspaper articles. Acclaimed for her use of expressions and color, Carol has gained widespread respect for her evocative regional, nautical, swamp and tropical scenes. She has created "Step by step" painting DVD's entitled, "Loose Painting in Oils." Volume I is shown on over 70 television stations. Her work can be found in galleries in Louisiana and Florida.

Catherine Clover – Coburg, Victoria, Australia

Born and brought up in London, UK, I studied at Wimbledon School of Art/University of East London in Fine Art (Painting). After several years’ practice, I pursued a residency with Gertrude Street Artists Spaces in Melbourne, Australia and have been based there since the mid 90s. My current works use sound, digital imaging and installation. Interests in found sound (field recordings) have led to a focus on contemporary landscape and our changing relationship with nature and, in particular, other animals. The everyday, the quotidian and the common frame this exploration.

Recent projects 2011: birdbrain Soundfjord London UK & Emerson Galerie, Berlin, Germany ; sforzando! Electronic Music Studies Network Conference, New York US ; Patricide 03 The Uncanny A collaborative print project, UK.

Chris Kaiser – New Orleans, LA

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Kaiser moved to New Orleans more than a decade ago after experiencing his first New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. New Orleans has remained an inspiration for his art, capturing the colors and rhythm of the city in his work.

Kaiser's signature aesthetic is defined by combining an abstract approach with surrealist style, depicting images and characters in dreamlike or fantastical states. Often featuring myth, legends or fairy tale themes in his work, Kaiser invites the viewer to explore their subconscious through viewing his art. Utilizing shipping crates, recycled wood and other nontraditional surfaces, Kaiser enhances the texture of each piece with washes of bold, psychedelic hues that provide the signature aesthetic for his artwork.

Christine Sauer  – New Orleans, LA

I am a mixed media artist who lives and works in New Orleans. A fascination with nature, figures, and structures coalesce in my abstract work to form my personal iconography. The celebratory nature of New Orleans culture and my attraction to the ornamentation and embellishment of traditional ethnic textiles also inspires my work. Using an intuitive and improvisational approach to working with materials and image, I allow the work to emerge through the process of creating. In “Cluster Series”, I use obsessive beading and embroidery to create a plethora of movement and activity suggesting the energy and structure of cells, microbes and other organisms. My art has been exhibited in solo and group shows around the country.

Claire Accardo – Richmond, VA

Claire Accardo is an artist, jewelry designer and purveyor of vintage goods living in Richmond, Virginia. Her work focuses on using vintage, salvaged, repurposed and found materials. She has lots of cats.

Claudia Lynch – New Orleans, LA

Claudia Lynch has enjoyed a multifaceted career as theatrical costume designer, tutu-maker, milliner, author, publisher, artist and illustrator. Each detailed painting in her ShoeStories series is accompanied by an original story, loaded with witty puns and clever innuendo, narrated by a hard-boiled skirt chaser right out of a 1940’s detective novel. Exaggerated proportions make each heel impossibly high and impossibly sexy. Right away, you’re in the mood to surrender to every tongue-in-cheek double meaning in the otherwise innocent words. Claudia relishes the variety of each new day, completing projects as varied as corporate brochures, fashion illustrations for a sewing magazine, and faux Andy Warhol prints for a film. She lives in New Orleans, LA.

Corey Allen – New Orleans, LA

The scenes captured in my artworks strive to convey the very fabric of New Orleans life…something otherwise very hard to describe. It is the very people, places, music, and even food of New Orleans that inspire me.

Over the past 17 years, my art has been displayed in various galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops throughout New Orleans. Pre-Katrina, I set up shop in the Faubourg St. John neighborhood of Mid City New Orleans and enjoyed success with various mediums, predominantly oils.

Following Katrina, I re-established my studio in the charming community of Algiers Point. I continue to produce and sell original oils as well as reproductions from my studio, Moss Street Gallery.

CP/DF Projects – Drexel Hill, PA

Danny Fiedler and Christopher Poehlmann have been collaborating as CP/DF Projects for the past two years. Fiedler is the wordsmith, Poehlmann the visual artist. In the co-lab, Danny will feed Chris statements, sentences or paragraphs of narrative (always hoping to deliver the indigestible torte, the impossible soufflé). Poehlmann will then either pick images from his archive of photographs, or peel something off the back of his imagination and shoot something specific for it. The works that fall off the back of this collaboration would not happen without the interaction between the two artists: one feeds off the other, sometimes image first, other times the words guide the image. In the end, our expectations of advertising graphics or motivational posters are subverted and the resulting image sits in that uncomfortable waiting room between art and advertising ("the Doctor will see you now"), something to give us a little smack in the head to wake up our curiosity. Poehlmann has been successfully pursuing a career in the visual arts (photography and furniture design) since the mid-80s. Fiedler has a lifetime of writing under his belt and the facilities to cull from his over-active imagination.

D. Lammie-Hanson – Brooklyn, NY

D. Lammie-Hanson is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Harlem, New York. She draws her inspiration from figures in the Stations of the Cross in Catholic church and the stories they told. Now her inspiration is derived from the spiritual and emotional side of womanhood and her culture. She relies on cool hues of blues and earthy siennas to convey our correlation to the flow of water and stability of the earth.

Lammie has exhibited in many galleries and alternative spaces nationally and internationally, including Berlin, Germany and Switzerland. Her work is featured in the artbook, "Painting the Individual Psyche," available on

Lammie is represented by House of Art, a gallery based in Brooklyn, NY.

DADDY – Brooklyn, NY

DADDY is an interdisciplinary art collective dedicated to the study of use in contemporary practice. Through fine art platforms, DADDY produces industrial and communication design, objects and installations that investigate the relationship between object and user.

Currently, DADDY is engaged in a series of projects traversing psycho-sexual characteristics of consumer goods as well as installations responding to aesthetics of "neighborhoods in transition".


damali abrams – New York, NY

damali abrams is a Guyanese-American video and performance artist who lives and works in NYC. She received her BA at New York University and her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. damali was a 2009-10 A.I.R. Gallery fellowship recipient. Her work has been viewed in New York, Philadelphia, Montpelier, Denver, and Miami. In New York City, her work has been exhibited at MoCADA, A.I.R. Gallery, JCAL, BRIC Rotunda Gallery and NY Studio Gallery. damali produces a weekly television series on Manhattan Neighborhood Network called Self-Help TV. Her most recent work is Autobiography of a Year II, a documentary of 2011, consisting of daily video diaries that are posted online at:

Dan Tague – New Orleans, LA

Dan Tague lives and works in New Orleans. He received an MFA in Studio Arts from the University of New Orleans in 2000. He is an artist and social justice advocate. Using a variety of media, techniques, and wordplay, Tague's work points to inadequacies in government policy toward education, environmental health, and financial reform. He incorporates dollar bills, screen prints, paintings, video, restored furniture, and propaganda poster art to create visual riddles and biting -- yet funny, and sometimes sad -- social commentary.

His work has been used in conjunction with The Spirit Initiative, The Clinton Bush Fund for Haiti, Help USA, and Teach for America. Tague will be included in Prospect.2 New Orleans, a U.S. Biennial for internationally recognized artists curated by Dan Cameron. The billboard will be running concurrently in New Orleans with his Biennial installation. His work is in the collections of the Whitney Museum of Art, the Weisman Foundation, the New Orleans Museum of Art, among others.

David Marion – Richmond, VA

Born in South Carolina in 1982, David Marion found his artistic gift at a very young age. He went on to pursue a degree of Architecture at Hampton University after being convinced to try another avenue into which he could incorporate his love for art. While working within his profession, he continued to create art and decided that the time was right to pursue it more heavily as a secondary career.

As an artist, David Marion draws inspiration from his own life experiences and tries to make a statement with every piece that he creates. Art has become a platform to voice his views of the world and also tell his story.

David Sullivan – New Orleans, LA

David Sullivan creates prints, computer programs and animations combining analog and digital techniques. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grew up in New Orleans, where he currently lives. He studied painting at Louisiana State University (BFA) and Maryland Institute, College of Art (MFA). His work was in the Southern Open 2010 at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, Louisiana, and in “Hot Up Here” at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans. Internationally, he has shown at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, File in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in Antarctica. He was an artist resident at Louisiana Artworks and A Studio in the Woods, and has taught digital media at several universities in New Orleans.

Dona Simons – New Orleans, LA

New Orleans artist Dona Simons interprets performances by Louisiana musicians with oil paint on canvas and digitally animates paintings. After her first gallery exhibition, Simons attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the Caribbean, United States and Europe. Simons has participated in artist residencies in the U.S. and Europe and received grants from arts foundations.

Before Hurricane Katrina, Simons created “Louisiana Music Below Sea Level,” paintings of contemporary musicians in undersea settings. These same paintings were transformed by floodwaters after Katrina. Underwater environments were her visual metaphors for New Orleans – before Katrina. French newspaper Nice Matin called this work “without doubt visionary.”

Dorka Hegedus – New Orleans, LA

Born in Budapest, Hungary and spending many of her formative years in Australia and Los Angeles, Dorka is now a resident of beautiful New Orleans. She lives in Uptown with her husband and baby boy, Linus. Among the variables of life's twists and turns, photography has always been a constant. Behind the lens, Dorka has learned to say things that matter without having to speak the words. Her philosophy? Every shot is a possibility. A possibility for something fantastic.,

Ellen Mueller – St Petersburg FL

Ellen Mueller has exhibited nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist exploring the shared, everyday challenge of resisting change and maintaining control.

Mueller was raised in Fargo, ND and currently lives and works in Pueblo, CO. She received her MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida.

Additionally, she has obtained training at Dell'Arte International and the Brave New Institute. Recently, she has been selected for residencies at Vermont Studio Center, The Pajama Factory, and Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Flavio Galván – Plantation, FL

Flavio was born in Argentina in 1971; there, he studied art at the University of Cordoba, as well as graphic design at the 21st Century University of Business. During the past 20 years he has produced a mature body of artistic work. Flavio has exhibited his work in different countries of Latin America and in the U.S., and his work is found in prominent private collections.

Francesca Koerner – New Orleans, LA

Francesca "Frahn" Koerner was born and educated in New Orleans. She received a BFA from Tulane University and an MFA [Magna Cum Laude] from the University of New Orleans.

In 2002, she was represented in the Contemporary Arts Center Show “Digital Louisiana.” Koerner was an American Artist chosen for the 2004 Austrian Artist Exchange Group show held in Innsbruck, Austria. In 2006, she was awarded an Artist Residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico. In 2008-2009, she was awarded a studio residency at Louisiana ArtWorks. In 2009, she was chosen to be in the inaugural University of New Orleans show H x W x D – Thirty Years of MFA at UNO. In 2010, Louisiana nominated Koerner for, which spotlights “outstanding artists living and working in the region.” Mystical Experiences, the natural world, and a continuing interest in metaphysical evolution influence Koerner’s mixed media artwork.

Gerri Davis – Ridgewood, NY

Where we were, I can’t remember to tell. Waking life and dream had entangled themselves in a horrid love affair, penetrating and spilling into each other with a frothy, sick passion that mimicked the incessant violation of the sea water which rolled and spewed over us, bruised the ribs of the ship and tossed her white sail of surrender mercilessly side to side. But as to the time of day, it must have been early afternoon. I know because the sun lit her so; white needles along which strode iridescent spiders encircled her face, the wax-grey sky sank away from the rigid confidence of her skin, ah, my friend, I tell you it was her: Gerri Davis. Perhaps she had stowed away in the bowels of that faithless whore of a ship who then seemed hell-bent on retching us into the crimson graces of the waiting sleeper sharks. Or perhaps the screams of our salt-splintered death rasps had borne unto the heavens a chorus so pitiful that the Jade Emperor himself dipped a finger through the sky and drew her to us. It may be so. Even as the keel split mountains of water below us she stood as a flower growing defiant against the wind, and turning then strode to the wheel and took her hard to port. I swear to you friend, that scull did miraculous wrench from her terrible cause and deliver us somehow free. Against the perilous charge of the Furies we sailed for days until the shores of Saint Laurence tumbled the belly of the ship and we fell aground, bending to kiss the sand. And where was Gerri Davis? Gone by then, sir, gone by then.

Happy Accidents – St. Paul, MN

Happy Accidents is a collaborative effort comprised of two artists - Kara Hendershot and Summer Scharringhausen. It all began with an eight-foot piece of plywood, spray paint, and an image inspired by David Lynch. The goal was to create a painting for Altered Esthetics Gallery's "Tales From the Black Lodge" exhibit, held in October of 2008.

The original painting titled “Penelope” is an ongoing project, a large mixed media painting consisting of giant doll characters amidst an ever-changing background. The painting is constantly changing, as Happy Accidents happily re-creates the story within the artwork by continuously painting over the previous scene. Happy Accidents has set a goal to fit “Penelope” into as many Altered Esthetics theme shows as possible.

The collaboration, Happy Accidents, is all about liberation, spontaneity, and pure fun.

Harriete Estel Berman – San Mateo, CA

Harriete Estel Berman uses post-consumer, recycled materials to construct artwork ranging from jewelry and teacups to entire lawns and works of social commentary. Sculptures include domestic appliances remarking on the roles of women and the influence of advertising in our consumer society.

Berman’s work has been shown throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa. Her work is included in the permanent collections of 15 museums and is featured in over 36 books, including "Manufractured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects," "Makers: A History of American Studio Craft," and the cover of "The Fine Art of The Tin Can."

Heather D. Freeman – Charlotte, NC

Heather D. Freeman is Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte where she teaches digital print, animation, video, installation and drawing. She grew in Skillman, New Jersey and was heavily influenced by her parents’ careers in the sciences. She holds a BA in Fine Art and German Studies from Oberlin College and an MFA in Studio Art from Rutgers University. Her work is regularly exhibited regionally and nationally and has appeared in international exhibitions in Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Sweden and Thailand. More of her work can be viewed at:

Hue Park –Brooklyn, NY

Hue Park is a visual artist working in New York. Park was born in Seoul, South Korea, where he studied poetry as an undergraduate before moving to the United States to study Studio Art at New York University. Park’s work, consisting primarily of video and photography, is influenced by his experiences as an immigrant, student of poetry, and non-native English speaker, exploring themes of language, communication, memory, and nostalgia.

Ione Citrin – Los Angeles, CA

Ione's art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of world travel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in performing arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on the visual arts. Ione's artistic expression, creativity and passion for communication have resulted in numerous awards for her painting, sculpture, mixed media, and assemblage. She appears featured in several important publications and maintains an extensive exhibition schedule.

Jeannie Mecorney aka 2naluck – Pacifica, CA

I am interested in photographs seen from a moving car. I want to capture fleeting moments in time or the juxtaposition of in and out of focus, close and far away. I am attracted to the view of infinity in focus while close-in objects speed by. Motion in specific intrigues me, as the concepts of both focus and blur are important to me as well.

Jen Mitsuko – Portland, OR

I started with drawings, writings, and music. It was not until I was almost finished with high school that I found my preferred medium, photography.

There was something magical when I first learned to work in a darkroom. There was beauty of reality that photographs created and a beautiful lie. I have been searching for my voice through photography, and use of titles. Photography can be real and fictional. I strive to search for truth in a world that feels like a dream.

Jeni Bate – Salton City, CA

Painting was a frequent joy as a child growing up in Wales, and I dreamed of becoming a skyscapist. In 1995, I came to Southern California, and the vastness of the spaces rekindled that childhood love affair with the skies.

In 2001, I had an opportunity to work on photography skills. Five months later, I was having difficulty getting my mind off one particular photograph I had taken. I had an epiphany: “Now, you have to paint!” The sky remains the major influence in my work.

2002-2004: Studied in extension classes and a teaching studio.

Developed a studio practice, first working in watercolor, then moving to acrylics, murals, oils, mixed media and watercolor collage and differently shaped surfaces and objects.

Jenna Knoblach – New Orleans, LA

Born in Slidell, Louisiana, Jenna Knoblach has been creating visual artwork since she joined St. Tammany’s Talented Art Program at age six. As a visual artist at Loyola University, she has expanded by studying bodies of work throughout history and by using oral critique and outside feedback to develop her creative process among the larger community of art-makers. Jenna has a wide array of interest in each visual art medium, she is a double major in English writing, and she actively pursues opportunities to collaborate with other arts genres. She is the contest winning logo and t-shirt designer for local funk band Naughty Professor. This summer, she interned for Heriard-Cimino on Julia Street and Good Children on St. Claude Avenue.

Jessica Bizer – New Orleans, LA

I live and work in New Orleans, where I am a founding member of the Good Children Gallery, an artist-run collective. In the past year, my exhibitions have included a Prospect 1.5 show at the Louisiana State Museum, curated by Dan Cameron, The Southern Open at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, LA, and a group show at the Parse Gallery, a local collective. Additionally, I have had several solo exhibitions in New Orleans and have been in group shows in both New Orleans and New York. In 2009, I graduated from the MFA program at the University of New Orleans. I am originally from Florida and moved to New Orleans in 2006.

Jill Ensley – New Orleans, LA

Born in 1977 in Topeka, KS, Jill Ensley lived in Los Angeles, CA and Racine, WI before returning to finish her Fine Arts degree at the University of Kansas in 2008. Having previously visited New Orleans at the ripe old ages of sixteen and seventeen, she returned to volunteer in 2007 and 2008. It was after that she realized where her heart and soul wanted to be. She moved to New Orleans in 2008 and found employment with a music-based non-profit, where she is currently the Artistic Director. Ms. Ensley works on her own artwork whenever possible, travels whenever she can, and plans to return to get her Master's in 2012...if the world doesn't end.

Jonathan Levy – Brooklyn NY

Observation of nature formed both Levy’s outlook on life and style of painting. This focused his attention to the patterns and movements found in nature, from the repetitive formula of a flower, to the chaotic rhythm of the ocean. As a child, he was deeply intrigued by the marbling patterns found within stone. Now, through his art, he copies them. “The elements found within nature are undeniably attractive. We are all deeply drawn to them.” Levy states.

Through his work, he is attempting to reignite an appreciation for that which forms through a natural process. In today’s fast-moving, high-tech world, the splendor of nature, oftentimes, is overshadowed and taken for granted. Levy’s work aims to spotlight that which grows, forms and prospers without the intervention of man.

Julie Dermansky – Arabi, LA

Julie Dermansky is an Affiliate Scholar at Rutgers University ’s Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights, a recipient of an NEA award, and is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. She was born in New York City in 1966 and grew up in Englewood, NJ. She got a BFA from Sophie Newcomb (part of Tulane University). She has completed major public art projects for NYC's Percent for the Art's Program, and shows in galleries and museums in America and Europe. Since switching her focus from painting and sculpture to photography in 2004, her photographs have been published internationally.

She had a show at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art through July 24, 2011.

June Bisantz – Willimantic, CT

June Bisantz received her Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting from Claremont Graduate University in California, and has lived and worked in Boston, Los Angeles and New York City. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums nationally, and she has received grants and commissions to support her public projects, which include art on billboards, buses, movie theater screens, architectural surfaces, street signs and traffic control devices.

Ms. Bisantz is also a musician who has produced several collections of original jazz, all of which have received national recognition. She teaches Digital Art & Design at Eastern Connecticut State University .

Kalpana Dewan – UP India

Kalpana Dewan was born on August 12, 1955 in Kanpur, UP, India. She holds a degree in Economics and is a trained Interior Designer from South Delhi Women’s Polytechnic, New Delhi, India, but a ceramic artist by profession. She is an ex-Lalit kala akademi artist (a national art body of government of India, New Delhi). She has been practising as a ceramic artist (sculptures/murals) since 2000. She had a successful solo show of sculptures/murals in 2003, at Lalit kala akademi, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi, India, and another solo show at Noida, UP, India in 2005. Her works are in private collections in India/abroad.

Karrie Ross – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles native Karrie Ross, fine artist, shares her explorations into concepts of energy, science, participation, conversations and being seen, as the underlying influences of her art. Abstract representations that create a 'safe' place for the viewer to experience a flow and connection from their interaction with the art... discovering that they are part of a bigger whole. She poses to you a question... "What is YOUR energy telling the world?" and invites you to join with and experience hers in the art she creates. More of her work can be seen at:

Katelyn Crawford – Arlington, VA

Katelyn has been a freelance photojournalist for 7 years, working for newspapers, magazines and websites. She exhibits photography and paintings in galleries as well. Currently she is living in the Washington, D.C. area where she attends law school. Katelyn contributes her luck in art to her family.

Kevin Lum – New Orleans, LA

I am a filmaker who currently lives and works in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. Art has always been a constant in my life -- as a form of expression, as a pathway of participation into other cultures, and as a mode to deliver stories of the human condition. Public and street art in particular have been of most interest to me as I strongly believe that it is something that should be shared by an entire community, and not just by individuals. Its existence can shape a community, give it meaning. It has that rare, powerful ability to move people out of the everyday and bring them together.

Kiyomi – Riverside, CA

Hello! My name is Kiyomi and I have been an exhibiting artist since the 1990s. Over the years, I developed an ability to create spontaneously and experiment with unconventional techniques.

I choreograph a dance between transparent vs. opaque layers, traditional and non-traditional materials, and fine art supplies with electronics.

My current body of work incorporates printmaking, hand-marbled paper and water-based paint on acrylic plastic. The back layer is video or lights. I created these because I want the viewer to EXPERIENCE the piece; to …get lost in it. The shadows and iridescent/metallic qualities allows the art to appear as one thing until you look at it from a different angle. The longer you look, the more you will see!

Kyle Bravo – New Orleans, LA

Kyle Bravo lives and works in the upper 9th Ward of New Orleans. Kyle has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally from New Orleans to New York to Tokyo. He is a founding member of The Front, an artist-run exhibition space in New Orleans, and is a co-founder of Hot Iron Press – a print studio and hub for grassroots arts endeavors. He is also the former organizer of The NOLA Bookfair, an annual event in celebration of independent publishing and alternative media, and he is the editor of the book Making Stuff and Doing Things: A Collection of DIY Guides to Doing Just About Everything, published by Microcosm Publishing.

Kyle Humphrey – Toronto, ON, Canada

Kyle Humphrey is a graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario. His work consists of explorations in color, pattern, and abstraction. Working largely in vector-based computer programs, Kyle seeks to flatten images to a minimal amount of information and embrace an aesthetic that is clearly artificial.

Lana Gramlich – Abita Springs, LA

Lana Gramlich, an award-winning, internationally-collected artist and photographer, was born Friday the 13th in the Bermuda Triangle and sold on the black market. Raised on the Gold Coast of Long Island, NY, she moved to the New Orleans area in 2003. Her works have appeared in various formats; from coloring books to public spaces to TV. She founded “Abita Artists” in 2008 and is a member of numerous local art groups. In an effort to "give back" and to support causes she believes in, Lana often works with non-profit organizations and/or charity events. She lives in the "piney woods" of Abita Springs with her husband and scores of wild critters.

Lindsay Glatz – New Orleans, LA

Lindsay Glatz is a contemporary artist, photographer and curator whose work seeks to capture magic in singular moments.

Luisa Pulido – Miami, FL

Luisa was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is from Colombian ancestry. She graduated in the year 2000 with honors in Art. After briefly attending New World School of the Arts, Luisa traveled to countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, where she attended art museums and various exhibitions. She has been painting since childhood, and over time has shown great talent and dedication to art.

Luz-Maria Lopez – Covington, LA

Luz-Maria Lopez is a Honduras-born artist who came to this country to study. After working and raising a family, and to fulfill a lifetime dream of becoming an artist, she enrolled in Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. At age fifty-one, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude, and was selected the "Outstanding Graduate" by the Visual Arts Department. She was recently selected the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus by SLU's College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Lopez has exhibited nationally in numerous group and solo shows, including at the Meadows Museum at Centenary College, LA ; Alexandria Museum of Art, LA; Museum of Latin American Art, CA ; Mobile Museum of Art, AL. Her work is collected nationally and internationally.

Lynn Cazabon – Baltimore, MD

Lynn Cazabon is an Associate Professor of Art at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Conceptually and aesthetically, her approach to photography extends from conceptual art, installation art, landscape, and documentary traditions.

For the New Orleans Billboard project, she traveled to New Orleans in August and photographed wild plants (weeds) growing in areas surrounding the billboard and highway and created an online database of information on the plants pictured in her images. The project is an extension of her ongoing public art project, Uncultivated, existing in the form of a website, public displays (bus shelter posters, billboards), and as a series of pigment ink jet prints representing the landscape of Baltimore over an extended period of time, via its wild plant life.

Magnus Bjerk – Berlin, Germany

Several of Magnus Bjerk’s photography series contain individuals that can be seen as challengers of their environs, confronting the limitations of gravity and strict graphic compositions, elevating the motifs beyond our everyday perception of them.

Magnus is visually working within strict almost clinical framework. Playfulness and intuition is nonetheless an important part of his visual language and he emphasizes the formal visual expression as an equally important part of his work as the preconceived theoretical concept.

All is shot on analogue medium format, without ‘digital manipulation’.

Magnus has exhibited extensively internationally, is represented in numerous state and private art collections, has made public art projects, produced site specific work for corporate architecture, tutored photography/photoshop and has received several grants/stipends.

Marcellous Lovelace – Chicago, IL

The work of Marcellous Lovelace is based in escaping the worst situation possible.

Born into a down-to-earth southern Baptist family, my background in art came from the heart and soul of Africans all over the world.

My paintings are images of what I study and continue to live through. Using basically anything to draw and paint with, my works are always about building positivity and what’s important, because the world we live in is so negative and unimportant. Coming from a world of police brutality and racism stands a Man who is not afraid to be exactly who he is all the time, regardless of who it affects. If it is Political or Reality, I’m going to paint it just as it is.

My imagination allows me the freedom to live in Actual Facts and not taint myself in materialism and a fabricated world of clothing with shiny tricks. I’m a Man who is brave, strong, thoughtful, intelligent and defined by my realistic character. I stand aware, seeing children kill for sport in the city I live in, designing thoughts on being about something besides the next fashion trend.

"Think and produce substance and meaning all the time regardless of who it offends. Use your mental and your visual to compose honesty."

Maria Creyts – Kansas City, MO

Maria Creyts’ high resolution panoramic photo friezes picture assemblages she constructs from an array of unusual textiles. In 2010 and 2011, her work has been exhibited in Bessie Mae/Béseme y otras at the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico, Autumn Art Preview at Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, and in Kansas City, Missouri -- Frieze at BNIM Architects’ Storefront for Art & neoPANOS at Leedy-Voulkos Art Center. She earned her MFA at Yale University School of Art and signs her work, mariaurora.

Michele Guieu – Sunnyvale, CA

Michele Guieu was born in southern France, lived her teenage years in Senegal (Africa), travelled and moved quite a lot. She is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (MA Graphic Design and Multimedia), Paris, France.

She was a graphic designer for many years when she lived in Paris, where she worked for non-profit organizations and museums. She also exhibited her work in Paris and Copenhagen, before moving to the US in 2000. She is a San Diego Art Prize 2009 nominee in the Emerging Artists Category. Guieu recently had a solo exhibition at Art Produce Gallery and participated in shows at the California Center for the Arts, the Oceanside Museum of Art and the William Cannon Art Gallery. She was invited to the "Summer Salon Series" at the San Diego Museum of Art during the summer of 2010.

Michele Guieu lived and worked in San Diego for six years and moved to the bay area in 2010.

Mike Lewis – Portland, ME

Lewis Acrylics is the rednecks' answer to street art. Hailing from a small town in rural New York, I attended art school at Syracuse University and am currently attending the Masters Program at Maine College of Art. Intrigued by collecting discarded wooden and metal building materials and consumables as a form of street art, I find using society's cultural leftovers to be a manner of co-authorship with the American people.

Lewis Acrylics has been operating since 2003. I've shown in 9 states and lived in five and am represented by CakeSpy Shop, Artstream Studios, and Lunar Boy Gallery. I now live and work in a studio in Portland, Maine.

Miriam Waterman – New Orleans, LA

I am a fine art photographer as well as a painter. My work derives from human interaction and the relationships that we form. Painting and photography allow me to convey the journey of our lives and how we coexist. I am publishing a photography book entitled BABEL which will coincide with my photography opening in December 2011. I received my BFA in pictorial arts from San Jose State University. I have exhibited in San Francisco, San Jose, Miami, New York City and New Orleans.

Moya Devine – Encinitas, CA

I was born in Neuilly, France. My father, an Army sergeant and dental fabricator, and my mother, a fashion designer, instilled in me a fascination with color, texture, organization and detail. When I was two, we began a migration across the United States, living in Louisiana, Texas, and San Francisco, before eventually settling in Hawaii, where I stayed until completing college at the University of Hawaii. I then went on to form Brand X Studios, a performance venue in San Francisco.

Exhibitions include Shashona Wayne, Chain Letter, Luis de Jesus Seminal Projects, Social Climbing, Oceanside Museum of Art, Sushi Performing and Visual Art, WAH, South Texas College, University of Texas Pan American, Universidad De Monterrey, Mexico.,

Natasha Bacca – Bend, OR

Natasha Bacca is an artist and instructor based in Oregon. Her work explores light, combining contemporary and archaic processes to push the bounds of conventional photography. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is featured in private, public, and corporate collections. In 2010, Natasha was selected as the Jubelale artist for Deschutes Brewery. Oregon Public Broadcasting featured Natasha’s process and art works on the Emmy award winning television series Oregon Art Beat. A US patent has been granted for the process by which Natasha creates her art. Working in complete darkness, Natasha creates images using beams of light with tools she makes. Manipulating the color and the intensity of the light onto photo sensitive paper, she literally paints with light.

Rebecca Rau – New Orleans, LA

I am a New Orleans-bred, New Orleans-based sculptor and photographer, who likes to delve into all things thought-provoking and surreal. I have lived in New York, Paris, and Accra, Ghana. I studied art & art history at NYU and currently work for an arts education non-profit as well as a family-owned art & antiques gallery of which I am the fourth generation.,

Ron Stasko – Darrow, LA

In 1993 I graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design. I started my career in the Printing Industry, as a print shop manager and sign maker. Then came the responsibilities of raising a family, and I set my artistic endeavors aside. For 15 years my paint brushes, camera, and other supplies laid dormant. I did not appreciate the gifts I had and lacked the life experience needed to have something meaningful to communicate through art. In 2008 the doors to my art were re-opened, allowing me to once again pursue my artistic endeavors in the fullness of what I believe God intended. Since then I have won a number of Awards and have shown my works in venues across the country.

Roxene Rockwell – Los Angeles, CA

Roxene Rockwell, M.A. is a mixed media artist who exhibits in group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States. Roxene’s exhibitions have included solo exhibits at Louis Stern Fine Arts in Los Angeles and the Robert V. Fullerton Museum in San Bernardino. Her group exhibitions include the Southern California landscape exhibit, “Speculative Terrain,” at the Riverside Art Museum; Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard; and Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica.

Roxene’s Corporate and Public Collections include: Telaflora, NK; Shacolas, LTD., Nicosia, Cyprus ; The University of Riverside, California; and the US Embassy, Belmopan, Belize.

Her commission work includes the MTA Orange Line Van Nuys Transit Way Station, The Franklin Companies Los Angeles, and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Roxene Rockwell's work has been reviewed by The Los Angeles Times and Artscene, among other publications, and her work has been included in several catalogs.

Russ McIntosh – Vienna, VA

Have you ever stared at a cloud and saw shapes and images in them? The images I have created have many layers, and upon further reflection the viewer can see ?hidden images? that were originally unnoticeable. The approach I take with my artwork is very distinct, in that I incorporate numerous photographs into a very unique composition. Utilizing anywhere from six to two dozen images, I try to present the essence of staring at clouds within my own artwork. If you look at the shadow shapes and highlights within the image, other objects will start to take focus.

Samantha Hookway – Columbus, OH

Samantha Hookway, originally from Ohio, holds her MFA from The Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia (University Fellowship recipient). Samantha also studied in the sculpture department at Kungliga Konsthögskolan (The Royal University College of Fine Art) in Stockholm , Sweden (2006-08). Samantha participated in the Museum of Arts and Design Open-Studio Residency Program in New York, the Vermont Studio Center Residency, and Williamsport, PA.‘s Public Art Academy’s Residency. She exhibits her work both internationally and nationally–most notably at Galleri Mejan in Stockholm, Sweden, Galleri Blunk in Trondheim, Norway, Crane Arts in Philadelphia, PA, Roy G. Biv Gallery in Columbus, OH and the Museum of Arts and Design’s Open-Studio, New York.

Shanna D'Antonio – Hammond, LA

Shanna D'Antonio is a mixed-media artist living and working in Hammond, Louisiana. She attended Louisiana State University and University of New Orleans, earning a BFA in 2003. The eight years spent living in New Orleans had an enormous artistic impact; memories and visuals of New Orleans haunt her voyeuristic, encaustic work, layer atop current self portraits, mingle with love letters from the past, and weave together the rites of passage that move us through life’s stages. Her work has recently been shown in various venues across the US, including Post in Los Angeles, Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, and First Street Gallery in Chelsea.

Sharon Gautier – Bridge City, LA

Sharon Gautier, a local artist in the New Orleans area, enjoys combining her passion of colorful abstract imagery with her love of cats. Gautier’s paintings display vibrant, energetic colors found in nature and include her signature abstract cat form. Gautier earned a Fine Arts bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in 2002. Delighted to be following her passion in life, Gautier expresses her love and enthusiasm for abstract art in each painting!

Siobhan Feehan – New Orleans LA

Siobhan Feehan is an artist that lives and works in New Orleans, LA. She uses a wide range of contemporary visual language, from site specific installations to interactive games, collages and collaborative projects. She finds inspiration from combining geographical and geometrical imagery, historical figures or literary references in a way that creates an evocative scene or dialogue between two polarized subjects. Siobhan Feehan graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She has exhibited in galleries and exhibitions in New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Marfa. She participated in the Nes Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland the summer of 2011.

Stephen Paul Day – New Orleans, LA

Stephen Paul Day began his serious work as a student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1982. He studied lithography and illustrated "La Peste," by Albert Camus. An instilled wanderlust has kept Day on the move.

As artist in residence at New York 's Experimental Glass Workshop in 1986, he produced his first major show, Kryptonite Lies. He stayed in the city for six long years.

Day has a desire to explore populist venues, mainly dark pubs and music halls. His work filters these moments.

In 1990, he met Sibylle Peretti in Bavaria and formed the collaborative team, Club S&S. They have received a Pollack-Krasner grant, a residency at the Kohler factory, and in 2008, they were awarded a Joan Mitchell career grant to produce a mobile Souvenir Shop for Prospect 1 in New Orleans.

Selected exhibitions:

  1. 2011 Suicide Notes, Galerie Hirschmann, Berlin Germany
  2. 2010- Diluvial Hood, Freies Museum, Berlin Germany
  3. 2009- Cabin Land, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  4. 2007-How to Stay Alive in the Woods, The Shaw Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  5. 2005-Lucy's Room to Breathe, DUAG, Munich Germany.
  6. 2002, 1822, Contemporary Arts center, New Orleans, LA
  7. 2002-Burning the Red Sea, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
  8. 2000-A history of Desire, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Stephen Paul Day and his wife, Sibylle Peretti, live and work in New Orleans and Germany.

Terri Lloyd – Los Angeles, CA

I was born and raised in the S.F. Bay area, and transplanted to L.A. in 1980 to attend college. I have been precociously making art since I could hold a crayon.

Professionally, I have worked in art (design and fine art) since the 1980s, working with retail, non-profit, corporate, and entertainment clientele.

I have tremendous fun at this stuff, which keeps me young (okay, immature). When not working, I waste entirely too much time on Facebook and Twitter.

I currently hold the Arts & Culture Chair for the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council in Northeast Los Angeles. I founded The Haggus Society in 2010 because the older re-emerging female artist has no institutional support.

I will be remembered for having a wicked good sense of humor.

Terry Ward – VA & Brooklyn, NY

Artist and art-writer Terry Ward uses sometimes-covert outdoor painting sites in Brooklyn and in Virginia. Ward innovated “OmniDirectional” painting: panels composed and wired to hang at any angle (“topless and bottomless art, but no nudes.”)

Recent exhibit highlights: inclusion in a group show in New York City’s Sloan Fine Art, inclusion in a group show at a Smithsonian-affiliated gallery. Seeking representation.

Ward paintings are in the collections of two Nobel Peace Prize laureates: Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. Carter wrote, "wonderful paintings.... Rosalynn joins me (saying).... they are a welcome addition to our collection;" they went to the Carter Center 's selective permanent display collection. Samples of art and of magazine articles, see:

Yen-Hua Lee – Scarsdale, NY

Yen-Hua Lee was born in Taiwan. She currently works and lives in Taiwan and New York. She earned her MFA in 2007 from Northern Illinois University. She has won many awards, including First Place at Studio Montclair 2008, First Place at Newark Arts Council’s Open Doors 08, First Place at West of Center Art House in Northville, Michigan ; she has also been granted several art residency fellowships. Her work has been shown in Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Italy, Argentina, Canada and U.S.A. She has had several solo shows, among them: in 2009, Dallas Contemporary, NY Studio Gallery and The Taipei Cultural Center in New York City ; in 2007 at Gallery Uno, Chicago, etc. She also had a group show at the Katonah Museum, NY, Masur Museum of Art in LA, Westchester Biennial ’08 and ’10 in New York and ARWI International Art Fair in San Juan, Puerto Rico ’07.

Zé daLuz – New Orleans, LA

A New Orleanian for 16 years now, the city influences me, but not necessarily my work. I embrace photography as the medium of the masses, and strive to portray the world in the unusual way that I see it.

My shots are candid and focus on movement and light. Images are transfered from my camera to my computer, where composition occurs. Many of my completed images use multiple originals (photomontages).

My goal is to elicit emotional response from the viewer; a sense of uncertain recognition of images they thought were uniquely theirs.

I have worked with and studied many forms of artistic expression including drawing, painting, photography, computer graphics, poetry, fiber arts, and ceramics and I continue to produce work in many of these disciplines.