No shows are open at this time

The Billboard Art Project is in hiatus and no longer accepting applications. To find out about future shows and projects, follow us on facebook for updates and news, and subscribe to our newsletter.


IMPORTANT - We will accept applications until each show is filled, or else by the application deadline, whichever comes first.

Please read all of the following instructions and guidelines carefully before submitting an application or sending images. This information is subject to change, so even if you have participated before, you must still read the instructions before applying to any new shows. Please note that image specifications vary for each city.


The maximum number of images that may be submitted to each show is 60. If you would like to submit more than 60 images, you must submit a proposal describing your project. If you submit more than 60 images without prior approval, only the first 60 will be included in the show. Teachers wishing to submit images from multiple classes should contact us via email ( before submitting an application.

Billboard sizes vary from city to city. Look under the city information and download the corresponding template for proportion information. Images MUST be in sRGB mode. Save at 72ppi in JPG format at maximum quality. Please check the properties of your images before sending them.

Images will appear in the order they are submitted, allowing for sequential work. Images change every 6 to 10 seconds depending on the local department of motor vehicle regulations.

Do not repeat images. If applicants submit only a few images, we may repeat them to increase the length of time they appear on the billboard.

All images MUST fit the billboard without the use of "black bars" or borders that compensate for images that do not fit the aspect ratio. DO NOT skew the image to force it into the required size.

Do not submit images that have appeared in other Billboard Art Project shows. Each show will feature new work.

Do not display your name or website on images (or in any way advertise yourself) - all artists will be credited for their work on the billboards. Please try to remember that these shows are about a departure from advertising.

Digital billboards are being rented from private advertising corporations who have the contractual right to refuse any images submitted for display if they deem them inappropriate. Depictions of nudity, profanity and libelous content will be rejected, and corporate images and logos cannot be used without express written consent from any such entity. If there is doubt as to whether or not the content of a submission will be accepted, you may contact us with any considerations.

Images cannot contain Quick Response (QR) codes due to Department of Transportation regulations. QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and hand held devices.

When selecting and creating images, keep in mind viewers both passing by in cars and those watching from a stationary location. The most effective images will work well in conjunction with one another and also as singular moments.

If you are including text in any of your images, as a general rule,bigger is better. A strong color contrast between the text and the background makes it easier to read, as does simplicity. Thin, delicate fonts tend to disappear from a distance and a busy pattern behind text will make it even harder to read. Also keep in mind the amount of text included - since each image is up for only 6-10 seconds, most people will not be able to read an entire paragraph in that time.


IMPORTANT - Before submitting your images, you must check the properties of each jpg to make sure that the color representation says sRGB. If it is blank or says uncalibrated, then it is not sRGB. If your images are not in the correct color mode, they may not show up on the billboard or may appear distorted. You must also make sure that each jpg is the correct dimensions for the city you are submitting to. Pixel dimensions must be exact, not approximate. If you do not know how to check the properties of an image on your computer, please ask someone you know for assistance.

After you have filled out the application form and received confirmation that you will be in a show, you may submit your images.

All images must be submitted online using YouSendIt. Files MUST be in a compressed folder. Folders can be compressed using a zip program which is native to most operating systems. If you are unsure of how to compress a file folder, ask a computer savvy friend.

When you click on the link to send your images please follow these instructions:

The subject of the message MUST include the city you wish to participate in AND your name. For example:

San Bernardino - Claire Accardo

The folder containing your images should be named the title of your piece, if applicable.

Do not include titles for individual images, unless you are only submitting one image.

The images themselves must be titled numerically, using 0 as a placeholder for numbers under 10. For example:

01, 02, 03, etc...

DO NOT submit any information in the body of the message.

When uploading files to YouSendIt, they should be in a SINGLE zipped folder. If you are uploading more than one file, your folder is not compressed.

You can download these instructions as a pdf here.

Please email any questions to