Copyright & Privacy Policy updated March 6, 2012.
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Artwork depicted on this site, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

All copyrights of artwork that the artists submit belong to the individual artist, not the Billboard Art Project.

All documentation of the project (photographs and video of the artwork in context of the billboard) is protected under the Creative Commons license:
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
Creative Commons License

Documentation copyright is held jointly

  1. by the creator of the image (artist)
  2. the facilitator (The Billboard Art Project)
  3. and the photographer

And may not be reproduced for profit under any circumstances without joint express written consent of the co-creators of the documentation.

Documentation may be shared, so long as:

  1. It is not used for commercial purposes
  2. It is credited to the creator(s)
  3. It is not altered in any way

Text and other content of this website

Copyright belongs to the Billboard Art Project, except for the artist biographies which were submitted by the artists themselves.

Privacy & Cookie Policy

Simply put: no privacy or tracking shenanigans from us, but the embedded sites and their third party sites do their own thing.


The Billboard Art Project does not sell or rent information about you, nor does its own website track you or place cookies on your computer. Any information we do get is anonymous from servers telling us the number of site visitors and page visits.


However, this site embeds content from other sites, and each has its own privacy and cookie policy: Facebook, Flickr (owned by Yahoo!),, and YouTube and Google Maps, which are governed by Google's privacy policy.

So, while we (the Billboard Art Project) do not track your activity, those other folks and their affiliates do.

If you use modern web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari, you can set your browser to refuse cookies, or get 'add-ons' which prevent cookies, LSOs, and other tracking methods used by many websites and advertisers.

Accessibility & Usability

Website accessibility and usability is a work in progress. We don't have control over accessibility of content from Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, or Google Maps, but we can improve this site with your help.

We welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions to make this site easier to use. Just send an email to

Desktop and mobile device browsers

This site is best viewed in an 'enabled' browser such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari. The site will look slightly different in Internet Explorer versions 8 and earlier. Those browsers will have to have javascript enabled to look 'right'. Please email us if you have a problem.

Parts of this site may not be viewable or accessible from all desktop and mobile browsers. For example, some sites we embedded use Flash, which is not viewable from iOs devices (iPhone, iPad). On older mobile browsers you will only get the text of the site, without images.

Security & Sensibility

We are trying to keep things simple on our end, and more flexible on your end by embedding facebook and other social media. We have no control over the content on those sites, which means we cannot be held responsible if there is any malware or objectionable content.